Boston Mointain Bird Dogs is a small operation located in Northwest Arkansas, near the Oklahoma state line, in the rolling hills of the Boston Mountains. I offer full service bird dog training, from formal training classes on site to personal training sessions to guide you to a hands on relationship with your dog’s training. Using the Silent Command System, learned during my apprenticeship at Ronnie Smith Kennels, I aim to create a positive working attitude between the hunter and dog. My full training cycle starts with daily training sessions that include controlled introduction to the commends we use in the field and work designed to allow young dogs to enjoy working live birds in field exercises. As a dog develops an understanding of the working relationship with their handler, and a successful pattern of behavior is created, the controlled nature of the field work is slowly removed. Working through the milestones of successful behavior we reach the goal intended, an enjoyable hunt. My intent in training is to work with dogs in a low pressure environment to establish consistency and enthusiasm for a lifetime of working and companionship .