Puppy Development

With the arrival of a new puppy, we all have goals and expectations we wish to reach.

For some, the tools and time are not available that we need to allow a young dog to discover and experiance what it means to be a bird dog. That is what puppy development is alll about.

At Boston Mountain Bird Dogs, I run your pup through controlled exercises while not imposing any "rules". The training runs are set up to optimize control of the situation, but are done so with no correction of your young dog. The goal of these exercises is to create an environment of joy and learning while avoiding the pressure of putting restraints on your pup in the new and exhilarating world of being a bird dog. By having complete control of the situation, I can let your pup just go out and run. This no-rules environment lets the pups discover the joy of working birds and builds the desire to work. It is the development of this desire that maximizes Formal Training.